PICARD and HUGH regard each other. Neither says anything for a moment. HUGH seems bewildered by a dawning recognition.

HUGH: Locutus.

PICARD realizes that HUGH recognizes him. This presents him with an opportunity. He looks directly at the Borg.

PICARD: Yes. I am Locutus of Borg.
HUGH: (confused) Why are you here?
PICARD: This is a primitive culture. I am here to facilitate its incorporation. Identify yourself.
HUGH: Hugh.
PICARD: Identify yourself.
HUGH: We are Hugh.
PICARD: This is not a Borg identification.
HUGH: (hesitates, trying to reassess himself) Third of five.
PICARD: This culture will be assimilated.
HUGH: (another hesitation) They do not wish it.
PICARD: Irrelevant.
HUGH: They will resist us.
PICARD: Resistance is futile.
HUGH: Resistance… is not futile.

PICARD glares sternly at him. HUGH does not back down.

HUGH: Some have escaped.
PICARD: They will be found. It is inevitable. All will be assimilated.

Must Geordi be assimilated?
PICARD: (amazed) Yes.
BORG: (hesitates, clearly uncomfortable) He does not wish it. He would rather die than be assimilated.
PICARD: Then he will die.
HUGH: (looks up, disturbed) No. Geordi must not die. Geordi is a friend.
PICARD: You will assist us to assimilate this vessel. You are Borg. You will assist us.
HUGH: I will not.

PICARD stares at him, having heard HUGH say the word “I.” He backs off from his Locutus role, amazed by what the Borg is manifesting.

PICARD: What did you say?
HUGH: I will not assist you.
HUGH: Geordi must not be assimilated.
PICARD: But you are Borg.
HUGH: (another pause) No. I am Hugh.

PICARD stares at him. HUGH has utterly taken him aback. Now PICARD is in a true dilemma.

5.23 - I, Borg

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